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Ultimate Yoga Candle

Ultimate Yoga Candle


Chill Pill - Lemon and Clary Sage


In collaboration with Shmood Candles we have create the ultimate yoga candle. The 'Chill Pill’ is designed to relieve stress and help you become more in touch with your senses.

The candle comes with a Spotify QR Code that takes you directly to our Greatest Hits Stride & Edge Playlist. So you can have a full S&E experience in the comfort of your own home.


These candles are 100% eco-friendly and vegan. Made with natural soy wax so they are good for both you and the planet.


Aromatherapy benefits:

~ Lemon oil offers a fresh scent to cleanse and purify your space.

~ Clary sage oil is thought to soothe nervous tension and built-up stress with its earthy, woody aroma.


Burning and candle care:

~ Burn time approximately 30 hours. Or 30 S&E Vinyasa Classes.

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