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Our Teachers

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Harry Gordon

Harry is a 200hr qualified Vinyasa yoga teacher. 

He grew up in the Lake District playing team sports and being as active as he could be. Still now Harry enjoys playing golf, running, cycling and hiking. However, from injuries when he was younger Harry has a degenerate disc disease and back in 2012 his physio told him the only thing to help relieve his chronic back pain would be yoga. After trying and exploring all different types of yoga Harry fell in love with Vinyasa. Harry has a passion for building a healthy lifestyle that allows you to keep doing the things you love. 

Be prepared to sweat because Harry loves strong POWER class! 

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Madeleine Sidi

Madeleine is a 200hr qualified Vinyasa teacher. 

Growing up in the Lake District doing gynamstics and dance, movement has always been a passion of hers. 

Madeleine started doing yoga alongside her acting at Drama School, which she felt the connection to the body and breath really aided her in her work.

She was drawn to Vinyasa yoga due to its freeing and dance-like qualities.

After graduating from Drama School Madeleine has been teaching Vinyasa yoga in person and online alongside her acting career.

Don't be fooled by her small stature, she loves to challenge your strength, fire up the core and you better be prepared for her famous 'yogi-burpess'!

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